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"The Old Lakota was Wise. He knew that a man's Heart Away from Nature becomes Hard."    Standing Bear, Oglala


Thoughts from and about WildFire SpiritWorker

I have been aware of these gifts for many years, however, the full acceptance of these gifts to help assist people along there journey has really just come into full realization on my part in the last 5 years. I myself had to truly evolve, let go of old beliefs, and nurture my understanding that what God does and what God allows may not be fully accepted by all religious dogmas, this limiting ideal being something I would periodically get stuck in..

I believe in only working from my heart through God, it is very important for me to also accept and respect all forms of spiritual belief. The other areas of service I offer are performing weddings, funerals and other special ceremonies. I can also perform GBLT  weddings, however ,the State of Michigan does not recognize these unions under the current law.

I truly believe that we are all born with some sort of intuitive or spiritual connection to the other side.  I also feel it is one of my purposes to encourage others to tap into their own intuitive/spiritual side of themselves that often times gets lost amongst the infiltration of societal pressures, telling us some things are just not okay.  Therefore, early on we learn to cut off the God Given Gift to Connect with the Divine on a very Real and Personal level. 

I understand this struggle, as I also went through this on and off for many years.  My goal is to not portray that only a few chosen ones have spiritual insight, but that We are All the Chosen Ones of Our Creator and the Source of the Divine wants to Connect with his or her Children and Give us Guidance.

This last part is truly my own opinion and yet can be researched on the readers part.  I believe one of the major factors of most all physical ailments, long standing emotional distrubances, sleep disorders, confused personal  identity,  repressed or confused sexual identity, and the inability to move forward from trauma experiences all originate in the further detachment of our own personal Spirirtual Connection to not only ourselves, but to Our Creator and Mother Earth.

These issues are then perpetuated by rigid and or fear based dogmas, societal norms, and the style we were raised with as children. Thus suppressing our natural ability to be Confident Spiritual Beings with  communication with Our Creator and Mother Earths Source of Love, Healing, and Forgiveness which is Abundant.

Therefore, this has created further fragmentation of ourselves, and our practically numbed out interaction between our fellow humans on earth. We have, in the larger scheme of things, poisoned our earth, poisoned ourselves, and it takes community effort, first through empowering one another through The Great Spirit, to slow down the brokenness of our society and earth we live.


My Healing Services are Free to the General Public


Many Blessings To All,