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Hello, my name is WildFire SpiritWorker and I am a Ordained Minister with gifts in the areas of healing, medium work, and intuitive spiritual messages to help encourage and support you along your journey on earth. I have strong visionary gifts and see most messages in pictures and flashes along with verbal messages. I believe my work is guided through God the Creator, Jesus Christ,Holy Spirit, and my Native Ancestor Guides.  

Ever since I can remember I could feel and or sense the emotional state of  humans, animals, empathy for the condition of the natures of the earth, and a connection to a Creator God at a very deep level. I am considered a very strong sensitive and can deeply feel human, animal, spirit, earth's energies, and or emotions.My telepathic abilities are strengthening daily.

My first experience that I was fully aware of a spirit visiting me was around the age of 6 or 7 years old. Prior to this and after this experience I sensed spirits, but since it was not explained to me in a positive manner, I felt the need to repress this connection with the Spirit World. It took many years before I would allow this connection fully in my life which was well into adulthood. The ability to also decipher messages from God, from distractions or misinformation from the darker side has strengthened. 

I never fully lost my connection to Nature as this was where I would feel the closest to the idea of a Spirit Force which was bigger than me. Although I do believe that The Word of God is truth, I also believe that many interpretations, removal of words, distortion of text, and legalistic beliefs in many church settings, has stunted the many ways that God can work through His Believers. However, it is a very serious responsibility on my part to always make sure what I do for people is permissible and allowed through God.  This work is very sacred to me because of what my life has entailed and what God has brought me through thus far.


                                    Here are some of the areas I specialize

Perform Weddings, Funerals and other Special Ceremonies

Smudging and Body Healing Work

Spiritual Cleansing for Home and Business

Medium work in regards to past loved ones which can include pets

Friendly Suggestions in Regards to Healing with Colors, Stones, Various Creative Outlets, Plants, Aromatherapy, or Herbs

Aura Color Readings, Animal Guide Oracle Card Readings, Indigo Angel Guide Card Readings, Email Readings, Phone Readings, and Animal Communication

Guided Help to Remove all Spirit Attachments In or Around Your Being

Encouragement and Support for You to tap into Your Own Spiritual Gifts


                                  Smudge Sticks for Purchase

I wrap my own smudge sticks and currently they have white sage, sweet grass, and mugwort with accent herbs or flowers tied in with different colors of cotton string.

Prices vary with size of smudge sticks. I also have loose leaf satchels with the sages that fall away from making the sticks.

If the ones I have tied are low in count by fall season, and fresh ones are made in winter, these are accented with evergreen or pine sprigs.


Definition and Origins of Smudging and or Smudge SticksSmudge Sticks are portable bundles of dry, sacred herbs used in Smudging rituals by Native Americans. The burning of the sacred herbs in Smudge Sticks produce a smoke cloud which is used in various cleansing prayer ceremonies, purification, and or healing rituals.  The Shaman, Medicine women/man, or healer wafted the smoke produced by burning the herbs contained in the Smudge sticks by using his or her hand, feathers, or a smudge fan.  Originally the herbs were placed in special herb bowls and burned.  The dried, sacred herbs were later tied into easily portable bundles called 'Smudge sticks' and were included in the contents of Medicine Bags.  The below picture depicts a Medicine man holding his smudging fans and carrying his medicine bag tied around his waist. Another use of burning these herbs is to help repel mosquito's and insects.  This was done with smudge sticks laying on burning coals which would create smoke for many hours.  

This information was taken and slightly reworded at the end of the description from:


 I have strong roots, through my Granfather who had Cherokee Heritage and My Great Aunt with Heritage in the Chocktaw Nation.


My Healing Services are Free to the General Public


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